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During the course of an arrangement conference, a multitude of financial decisions are made. The selection of merchandise offerings by the Kowalski Funeral Home is geared to offer every family a broad spectrum of choices, covering all range of prices.


Full open and half couch caskets are made in a variety of styles and interiors and are composed of materials from wood and metal, from corrugated cardboard to solid bronze.

Caskets are manufactured as protective or non-protective. A protective casket will have a sealing mechanism that will retard the entrance of any outside elements from entering the casket. A non-protective casket will not have this seal. Unless specified or required by the cemetery, a family may chose any type of casket they want.

The finest and most expensive caskets made of metal will be 48oz. or 32 oz. solid bronze, followed by 48oz. or 32oz. solid copper. Both of these metals can be exposed to the elements for years and will not deteriorate. Next in line are stainless steel caskets, followed by steel caskets. The strongest in the steel line is16 gauge, followed by 19 gauge, 18 gauge, and 20 gauge. Although not lightweight, 20 gauge steel is the beginning weight at which steel caskets are constructed. Metal caskets can be either protective or non-protective.

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Wood caskets are constructed in a variety of wood types. Some examples in a premium line would be solid walnut, followed by solid mahogany, solid cherry, solid maple, solid cedar, select pine, solid oak and select poplar. Although wood caskets are non-protective, they offer a warmth and luster brought about by the many hours of individual hand construction and polishing, just as with a fine piece of furniture.

Caskets can also be manufactured of pressed wood or particle board or even a corrugated cardboard, all with a material covering. Although these are made for cremation purposes, some may also be used for earth burials or entombments, cemetery approval permitting.

Casket interiors can range from various textures of crepes to hand tufted velvets, mostly in shades of ivory, white, rosetan, blue, pink, silver and green.

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Vaults for Caskets and Urns

A vault is an outer burial container in which a casket or an urn with cremated remains will be placed for an earth burial. A vault is a sealed container that is water tight and air tight. The weight of a vault that holds a casket can range from 2000 lbs. to 2700 lbs. Vaults for caskets are constructed of concrete, but can have additional inner liners of polystyrene or ABS fiberlon with a third wall of stainless steel, 16oz. copper or 16oz. bronze. Urn vaults for cremated remains (cremains) can be made of plastic or concrete. The concrete urn vaults will offer the same two and three wall linings as those found in vaults for caskets.

The use of a vault or urn vault is not required by law. However, each cemetery will have their own rules and regulations regarding these items.

The Kowalski Funeral Home offers a display of many of the vaults mentioned above.

Urns for Cremated Remains (Cremains)
There are hundreds, if not thousands of styles of urns for consideration. Some urns are made for burial, inurnment in a cemetery niche, scattering, water scattering, display in a home, keepsake or jewelry to be worn. Your personal wishes for the cremains will determine what style and type is best for you. Urns are also made from a variety of materials--- bronze, copper, steel, wood, glass, ceramic, stone, to name a few. They can be intricately carved or as simple as a plain box. Many urns can be personalized with engravings.

Holy Pictures and Prayers
The Kowalski Funeral Home offers an outstanding array of holy pictures to choose from, in either a plain paper or laminated form. Pictures can range from the deeply religious or individual saint to the patriotic or a scenic view.

There are also hundreds of prayers or poems that can be printed. We would also be able to print any special original composition/prayer/poem or memory that the family may write and want to display on the reverse side.

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Monuments & Markers
Cherished Memories, a division of Kowalski Funeral Home, offers for sale, headstone and flat grave markers, manufactured of granite, bronze and marble. We also update or add additional engraving to existing headstones and markers. Please refer to the “Monument” section of our website.

Pet Memorialization
Our pets become members of our family, providing us with love and companionship throughout their lives. In death, we would like to pay tribute to them as well. We offer a variety of products to honor the memory of your pet. Many families also need bereavement assistance after the loss of a pet. Please refer to the “Grief Resources and Aftercare” section of our website, for guidance.

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